Yellow Umbrella steal the blue french horn.

steal the blue french horn.

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I swear kids give you life. I’ve been in a mood all day, and then this just happened. My cousin came over because he got a pretzel, yes a pretzel, stuck in his ear. 😂 My grandma tried to get it out and got it stuck even more. Now he has to go to the ER, and the jokes are rolling. I love my family. He asked my grandma if he could eat it when they got it out. I would actually pay money to go back and see her reaction to that 😂😭😂


I hate being told to do something I was already planning on doing

like I was all about doing this task, and then you told me to do it and now i am annoyed and this task is now 300x less likely to be completed

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My excuse is ‘I’m young, i’m going to make some bad decisions until i’m not’

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Do you ever catch yourself thinking rude things about someone or judging them and you’re like “hey stop that, that’s not nice don’t u do that”

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